LinkedIn Profile Guide

LinkedIn is now the most popular business-networking tools and to ensure the most effective job search you should become an active member of this online network.  It is commonly used amongst employers and recruiters for hiring and learning more about the candidates applying to their positions.  

When you take advantage of the LinkedIn Profile Guide service, we will completely re-vamp your current LinkedIn profile and if you do not have a LinkedIn profile, we will help to create one for you.  A complete profile highlighting your most valuable skills and accomplishments will make you more visible within your specific job market.

This service will begin with a consultation where a Certified Human Resources Professional will learn more about your targeted industries and jobs.  With this information, your consultant will provide a personalized guide that includes advice as to which groups to join (a great start to networking with industry professionals).  They will also take you through the process of asking co-workers, past employers, and friends/acquaintances for recommendations to build up your profile even more.

Our staff has extensive experience using LinkedIn as both recruitment and networking tools, so they will ensure that you are maximizing the use of this great job search tool!